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Myth: You should keep your CV to 2 pages

Busted – Why?? This one has always baffled me and tends to come out of the mouths of high-volume recruiters who aren’t necessarily looking for a large skill set. I would be highly surprised if a seasoned Finance Director could keep their CV to 2 pages.

Saying this, of course no future employer wants to see endless pages of waffle! Keep your CV factual, to the point and the best way to sell your skills is by using tangible facts ie; After identifying a large expenditure from outsourced services for X, I researched bringing this in house and after taking out the cost of production and set up, the first years saving to the company was X, with a second year saving of Y and third year Z.

What should I put in my CV?

The way I look at it is the employer effectively has a shopping list but without cheese, wine and bread on it, they have year-end, cash flow and managing a team! Which is why it is so important to clearly lay your skills out. If you can tick of a lot of their shopping list off with your CV – why wouldn’t they invite you for interview??

You should always think about your target role and ensure your CV has details of your experience to match what the new position will require. NEVER assume a new employer will “guess” you have the skills – if you have a certain relevant skill set be sure to always include this in your CV – if it isn’t on your CV the risk is that it could easily be over looked by someone who is fielding the CV’s – such as a member of HR personnel who just will not know to assume that a Finance Manager may also be responsible for management accounts for instance.

How should I lay my CV out?

Personally, I like to see the most recent experience first leading back to where you started your career.

I think it is really important to build an idea of how you got to where you are today so job titles, length of service at previous companies and an explanation of the role – the explanation will need to be less as your history gets further away.

The last thing on your CV should be education, when I say this I do not mean primary school education, but secondary or further learning especially sector specific accreditations such as ACA/ACCA/CIMA.

It is entirely up to you if you add the year this achievement was gained i.e. 2006 – ACA


Should my CV have a covering letter?

Some companies still like to see this as a way of proving you really do want the job as you have taken the time to produce a covering letter, however, most companies do not need to see a covering letter.

Remember your CV is the opportunity to get your foot in the door and once that interview is taking place then that is your opportunity to tell them about you, your skills and ultimately why you are perfect for the role!!

For any advice on your CV please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Director of Finance - Candidate

Professional Service

Professional service from start to finish. I enjoyed regular contact with Helen and found her to be fully informed about the roles and companies we discussed. I would highly recommend the service to all finance professionals.

Office Manager - Private Company

Great Service

Helen at Maxen Recruitment really does provide a unique and personalised service. Her level of knowledge has led to us trusting her judgement in the people she sends across for positions at all levels. Having already filled a number of permanent posts successfully, we will look forward to working with Maxen for many years to come.

HR Manager – Production Company

Amazing Experience

Working with Maxen has been an amazing experience. From the start when sourcing CV’s to finish with the most perfect placement. Precision and speed was so important for us as a business to maintain our continuity of service and Maxen absolutely delivered. We would not hesitate to use their services again.

Finance Manager - Candidate

Perfect Role

Helen took the time to listen and really understand my needs and future desires for my next role. She coached me through the whole process which I found thoroughly detailed and informative and which helped me secure the perfect role! When hiring into my team in the future I will certainly be contacting Helen.

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